What To Expect With A Surgical Tooth Uncovery

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  1. Eat prior to arrival- We want food in your stomach prior to surgery
  2. If you have a pain management medicine of choice you can take it 1 hour prior to surgery, so something is in your system after the anesthetic wears off
  3. Recommend bringing your own music device ie. I-Pod to listen to during surgery.


  1. You will be very numb, this numbing effect can last up to 2 hours after the procedure
  2. If a baby tooth is needing to be extracted, the tooth will be extracted- you may experience a pressure feeling, kind of like someone pulling on your nose
  3. Dr. Blue will access the tooth, resulting in a hole in the tissue
  4. Sometimes a laser is used to cauterize the tissue. 
  5. Depending on the orthodontist instructions, a chain or a bracket will be placed on the unerupted tooth
  6. A bandage will be placed to cover and protect the tooth, it looks like a piece of silly putty that covers the hole. 


  1. No Eating or Drinking for 2 hours after surgery is completed.
  2. Do NOT bite into any food for the next week, ie.  Pizza, sandwich, etc. 
  3. Soft foods for the first 2 days. Items such as ice cream, popsicle’s, yogurt ect. 
  4. Cut all your food and place in the back on either side of your mouth to chew
  5. Do NOT brush the bandage covering the tooth.  You can rinse with salt water, Listerine, Scope, etc. to help keep the area clean.
  6. We will remove the cast 1 week after surgery was completed.
  7. Light bleeding for the first 24 hours following surgery is normal, as well as tasting blood in your saliva. If bleeding becomes significant, take the following steps:

a.  Hold wet gauze or a wet tea bag (tea bag is better) with firm pressure over the bleeding site for no shorter than 15 minutes.

b.  If bleeding continues, call the doctors immediately.

7)   For pain relief, we recommend Ibuprofen, 400 mg every 6 hrs, and Tylenol, 500 mg every 6 hrs, in an alternating dosage with the Ibuprofen. ( ie, alternate meds every 3 hrs)

8)   Slight amounts of discomfort and swelling are normal and to be expected following surgery. If the pain becomes severe in spite of medication, or you experience an unusual amount of swelling, call the doctor immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the doctor at:

Office: 970-385-6800

Cell:  970-739-8291