Instructions Following Tissue Grafting Surgery

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The most important factor in caring for your tissue graft is not to disturb the healing graft tissue. All the following instructions are aimed at keeping the graft tissue immobilized during normal eating and tooth brushing activities.  You should NOT smoke or vape in any means at any time during this process.  

Initial Healing: (0-2 days)

  • Please take it easy in the first 2 days with minimal activity.  You may walk at an easy pace.   
  • Do not drink alcoholic/carbonated beverages in the first 2 days.
  • Do not drink through a straw or rinse the area for the first 2 days.
  • Maintain a liquid to very soft diet.  (Use a spoon to eat things such as soups, yogurt, smoothies, apple sauce, mashed potatoes etc.)
  • DO NOT brush in the area where we placed the graft.   We do not want to risk disturbing the area or the sutures.  You may brush all other teeth as normal. 
  • The area where the graft was taken may bleed slightly once the anesthetic wears off.  If this occurs, take a damp piece of gauze, and put pressure with your thumb for 15 minutes.  If excessive bleeding occurs for an extended period, please call our office.
  • Do not look at the tissue graft as it is healing.  
  • The stitches from the palate are dissolvable and may begin to come loose in the first 48 hours following surgery.  The stiches in the area where the graft was placed will need to be removed in 10 days. Those should not come loose.  
  • Take any medications that have been prescribed. (Doxycycline 100mg 1 x day for 14 days, Medrol Dose Pack for 6 Days).  For pain relief, we recommend Ibuprofen, 400 mg every 6 hrs, and Tylenol, 500 mg every 6 hrs in an alternating dosage with the Ibuprofen. (i.e., alternate meds every 3 hrs)

General Healing (2 days-2 weeks): 

  • DO NOT do any strenuous exercise that will increase your heart rate during the first 2 weeks after surgery was completed.   This includes activities such as running, hiking, speed walking, and working out, etc.   
  • You may begin to brush the teeth in the area where we placed the graft, however, only brush the biting surface of the teeth.   DO NOT brush the front or the back side.   
  • It is best to have a medium to soft diet from 2 days to 2 weeks and chew in other areas away from the graft site.  (Use a fork to eat things like fish, pasta, ground meats, soft vegetables, rice, eggs, etc)  
  • If you feel the cast coming loose, call our office immediately.  We do not want it to rub on the graft site.  

Maturation Phase (2 weeks-6 weeks):   

  • You can begin to brush the front and back of the teeth in the graft area, however, the gum tissue should not be contacted.  
  • Avoid eating hard, tough, or crunchy foods (chips, popcorn, nuts, caramels, steak, etc.) during the first 6 weeks following surgery.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

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