Post Operative Instructions Following Tooth Extraction

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  • DO NOT disrupt the blood clot that is forming underneath the gum tissue and remove the gauze in 30 minutes.  
  • NO eating or drinking for 2 hours after surgery was completed.
  • DO NOT smoke, drink alcoholic/carbonated beverages, do not drink through a straw, rinse, brush or floss the surgical area for the first 2 days.
  • After the first 2 days and for the next 2 WEEKS you should perform oral hygiene procedures in the surgical site with caution.  This means brush the gum tissue with light contact.  You can rinse with alcohol-free Listerine or other alcohol-free rinses, warm salt water or just water if necessary to keep area clean.
  • Start flossing or using a proxy brush 2 weeks AFTER surgery was completed. You can also use a waterpik, however you should use it gently and do not aim it directly at the surgical area.  You can start using to waterpik directly in the area 4 weeks after surgery.  
  • AVOID eating hard, tough, or rough foods (chips, popcorn, nuts, caramels, steak) during the first two weeks following surgery. It is best to chew in areas of the mouth where surgery was not done.
  • If a stitch comes loose during the first 48 hours following surgery, please call our office to see if it needs to be replaced.
  • Light bleeding for the first 24 hours following surgery is normal, as well as tasting blood in your saliva. If bleeding becomes significant, hold wet gauze or a wet tea bag (tea bag is better) with firm pressure over the bleeding site for no shorter than 15 minutes.  If bleeding continues, call the doctor immediately.
  • For pain relief, we recommend Ibuprofen, 400 mg every 6 hrs, and Tylenol, 500 mg every 6 hrs in an alternating dosage with the Ibuprofen. (i.e., alternate meds every 3 hrs)
  • Slight amounts of discomfort and swelling are normal and to be expected following surgery. If the pain becomes severe in spite of medication, or you experience an unusual amount of swelling, call the doctor immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the doctor at:

Office: 970-385-6800

Cell:  970-739-8291