Post Operative Instructions Following Scaling and Root Planing

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  • Light bleeding post SRP is normal. You should see a reduction in bleeding as the day progresses. If bleeding becomes significant, hold wet gauze or a wet tea bag (tea bag is better) with firm pressure over the bleeding site for no shorter than 15 minutes. If there is still a significant amount of blood prior to sleeping you may want to lay down a towel on your pillow.
  • You can eat and drink post SRP, just be aware you are numb so exercise caution while chewing so as to not bite your lip, cheek or tongue.  
  • We do recommend taking OTC pain medication 1 hour before or just after your cleaning to help alleviate any discomfort.
  • Regular hygiene procedures (brushing, flossing and waterpik) can and should be performed as normal. If an extra soft toothbrush was not given please feel free to ask for one.
  • Gum tenderness is normal, this can be alleviated with warm salt water rises, OTC pain medication and avoiding the area while eating.  If the pain is not controllable with these measures, please call our office.
  • Cold sensitivity is normal due to exposure of root surfaces. This, unfortunately, can be ongoing but many patients do notice a decrease in sensitivity after a few days or weeks. Sensodyne toothpaste or something similar can help. Some say spicy foods can cause sensitivity.
  • Food impaction post SRP is also normal. Once the area is healed the gums may shrink resulting in a reduced pocket and open spaces. Hygiene aids such as proxy brushes can help keep these areas clean and may need to be used after every meal.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the doctor at:

Office: 970-385-6800

Cell:  970-739-8291