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March/April • 2010



Dr Blue and your incredible staff,
It’s been a couple weeks since my dentist put the crown on my implant and I am ecstatic! I am able to eat comfortably and with 28 teeth again! The dental implant is a wonderful modern medical miracle in my book. If anyone has any doubts about this procedure have them call me, I’ll tell them how easy and painless it really is. And, I’ll let everyone know the best “team” in the area is the team of Dr. Blue and my dentist. Everyone in both offices has made this experience so easy that I’m almost sad it’s over. Almost :)
Thank you and your incredible staff for a job well done!! - Robert

Thank you so much for my 3 implants. Your work was supreme and the professional standard of your staff was terrific. I’d recommend you. - Cheryl

Thank you so much for everything you did, and your kindness and concern. I appreciate your expertise and the thoroughness of the work that you did for me. - Naida

It was a pleasure visiting this office. From my phone call to book an appt, to my exam with the doctor- everything was pleasant, efficient, professional and informative. Thank you. - Nancy

A quick note to say thank you for a well-done job. Your staff was professional. You gave me a very detailed picture of what the process would look like. ( Much Appreciated). Best of Luck. Cheers. - Brian.

Dr Blue and Kristen, You both make a great team. Thank you for your quick and steady hands and caring touch. Comfortably Numb. - Anne

Dr. Blue, you seen my wife briefly regarding pain in her front gums. Your recommendation was that she would need to have the gum lifted and have the thing sticking out removed. Well upon our trip to Jacksonville Florida the diagnosis was accurate following over one year of pain.. We are not back in Honduras and her pain is gone and we are grateful for professionals like you, thank you so much. The thing sticking out was a bone spur which the Dr. had never seen before.
So thank you so much Dr. Blue - Henry

"As a Lab owner and technician I've come to really appreciate Dr. Blue's total commitment to proper Implant placement!   He takes all aspects of the case into consideration, from treatment planning on though to the final restoration.  This allows me to deliver a restoration of superior quality.  His ethics and professionalism are truly refreshing!" - Charles Little CDT. Little Dental Lab, Inc.

While I hope I never again need the services here, I must say that the staff is the most professional and most cordial of any doctors staff that I have been involved with.
- Anonymous